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Welcome To Mega Music Talent

Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi Glory Days - Dallas 4/13/08

On this website you will find a growing amount of information and advice for musicians about all aspects of music and the music industry. It's early days yet but the features that we are offering members are:

Audio & Video Downloads

Members may upload their audios and videos which will then be available for others to download. When you upload an audio or video you will have the choice of making it members only or available for members and visitors.

For your education perspective read more about new music here

Via the reviewers profile, members will be able to add feedback and advice and rate your audio and video uploads.
Article Directory

Members and visitors can submit and read our informative music articles, but please read our article guidelines before submitting articles. Photographs can be added to the articles. Publishers wanting quality content for their websites or ezines may use the articles but they must retain the author details and article source when publishing.

RSS feeds are available for use on websites and blogs, links and details are at the end of the articles.

Member Profiles

All members may create a profile, add a bio and up to 5 of their own website links - not affiliate links! Profiles can be updated whenever and as many times as you wish.

Member profiles also double up as reviewer profiles. If you wish to add information, feedback or comments to articles you are welcome to.

Free Digital Downloads

Members can download products available for their membership level from the product manager. As some products have licenses stating that the products can't be given away we have added a second level of membership with access to those products for a nominal fee of $7 for a lifetime Mega membership.

All members may also upload their own digital products for the use of site members or add a link from your own site, you choose which membership level to add them to.

Members Forum

On our forum you will be able to discuss music with other like minded people, ask for and give advice, add your news or simply blow off.

JV Zone

All members will be able to make JV offers to other members. You will get an additional profile where you can place up to 5 of your website links and when you make a JV offer all members will be automatically alerted and able to take advantage of your offer quickly.

Events Guide

We will be adding an events guide and you will be able to add details of your upcoming gigs or events. If anybody wants to write about them afterwards they can add their review to our article directory!

We have many more plans and ideas in development so please bear with us. If there is anything that you would like to see added to this site, or if you would like to offer feedback please contact us.

If you would like to take advantage of the free membership offered at present please complete the form below.

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